Milk & Broad Cooperative was founded out of necessity. As entrepreneurs running a small but growing startup organization, we were searching for a space in downtown Boston that allowed us privacy and collaboration space, but that was also affordable and kept us hooked into the startup ecosystem we’d come to know and love. When we found The Architects Building, we knew it was perfect—but also a little too much space for us alone.

Always wanting to have the best of both worlds, we decided to develop a space where other entrepreneurs, companies and service providers could set up shop, whether they needed a full office or just some space to work for a few days a week. The result was Milk & Broad Cooperative.

We strive to make Milk & Broad more than just a coworking space. We’ve learned that cooperation can lead to great results, and so we foster an atmosphere of collaboration and openness with the hopes that we are all able to help one another meet our business goals.

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